An authentic Tuscan oasis of green nature and culture

An eagle’s nest. This is the impression you get looking out from the
windows of the house where our B&B L’Aia di Montemagno is nested.
Especially during the evening when the sun dives into the sea with fantastic
views that cut across Pisa -with the unmistakable silhouette of the leaning
tower- far out to the distant lights of the Tyrrhenian islands and the Port of Livorno; when the sky is crystal
clear the eyesight can reach as far out as to the island of Corsica.

The B&B ìs located in a quaint medieval village called Montemagno
overlooking the town of Calci a few kilometres away from Pisa, and is set in a
typical Tuscan court house recently refurbished. There is only one road to
access the village, which is composed of only a small number of houses and
surrounded by forests and olive groves; relaxation and tranquillity are the passwords here.

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